About Salisbury House at Bethany Beach

Nestled on three and a half acres; bordering the tranquil Assawoman Wildlife Area, Salisbury House at Bethany Beach is but a short two miles to the “Quiet Resort” of Bethany Beach, Delaware. Offering the serenity of nature, both land, and sea is a beautifully appointed bed & breakfast, designed and built reminiscent of a Tuscan Villa, as though plucked straight from the hands of a skilled “Artigiano Italiano”.
Enter into the serenity of the lovely appointed Salisbury House, and as though it could not get any better . . . a Gourmet Vegan lifestyle prevails. There-in-lies nary an ounce of disappointment, as you step into a world of beauty, caring, nature, and the delicacy of genuine veganism at its best.

Welcome to Salisbury House at Bethany Beach. Where memories and friendships reign. 
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Guest Rooms

The Salisbury House at Bethany Beach grace their guests with a choice of three spacious bedrooms, beautifully appointed as though straight from Italy. Skillfully carved king size beds, quaint sitting areas; lush bamboo towels, robes and bedding for added Eco-friendly comfort.

Completely surrounded by this naturally beautiful setting, both indoors and out, each guest room has its own special character. The largest of the three, equipped with a private patio overlooking the majestic swimming pool . . . one of the many comforting features of this beautifully assigned bed & breakfast, Salisbury House at Bethany Beach.

A Gourmet Vegan Breakfast to … Live for!

Let there be no doubt, Salisbury House has its very own organic garden. You will awaken to the fresh aroma of a delicious three-course vegan breakfast, fresh picked and prepared daily. Guaranteed to consume the best complimentary breakfast of your lifetime, with your choice of either a sweet or savory menu for dining alfresco poolside or indoors overlooking the gardens.
All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” – John Gunther. 
The Salisbury House at Bethany Beach
The Salisbury House is located only two miles from the small coastal town of Bethany Beach in southern Delaware, also known as “The Quiet Resort.” Although considered conservative Bethany is a bustling year-round community aligned with additional sister beach towns offering boardwalks, parks, beaches, swimming, boating, hiking and biking, tax-free shopping, gourmet restaurants, beer and wine trails, kayaking, and Standup Paddleboarding; making Bethany Beach the ultimate getaway for couples and families alike.
The Inn & It’s People . . .

Enter into the world of the “Salisbury’s”. World travelers, collective eclectic artistry, historians of a sort, eco-visionaries, and a desire to bring it all together. From dream to a reality which gives allowance for the creators to share their wisdom and talents in such a way that only they can introduce them. Years of searching for that perfect “spot”, a secluded location that screams tranquility, and is inviting, few can resist. Upon securing six and a half acres in 2017, two minds coupled with the assistance of three equally talented sons, and a dream began to develop into reality. 

Throughout Michele Salisbury’s travels, she became inspired by her journeys to Italy, envisioning a Tuscan Villa of her own – and so the design and ultimate building process began. While “finished” it will never truly be — on following returns, guests will realize the forever indulgences Michele will create, add and exemplify, as beauty and charm ages along with Salisbury House.
Upon arrival . . . the exterior has a magnificent stone and stucco surface, reminiscent of the beautiful homes in Italy. Nestled against the preserve you feel as though you’re in another country. The house is secluded and peaceful, allowing for the perfect relaxing getaway. It sits on three and a half acres of serene woodland that lays adjacent to the Assawoman Wildlife Area, which consists of 3,100 acres of wilderness and is home to the bald eagle, deer, fox, wild turkey, and pileated woodpecker — making it a perfect backdrop for an eco-friendly, gourmet vegan experience at Salisbury House at Bethany Beach.

The home is adorned with grandiose, imported hand carved doors, salvaged from a church in France. You will enter into a nuance of a lifestyle built on the meaning of appreciation of all things natural. Crafted hardwood floors that can be seen far and wide in the main living area, and in keeping with the Salisbury theory, the red and white oak flooring was milled from the trees that once grew where the house now stands – the ultimate in recycling, a prime example of eco-friendly living.

The grand room of the house is open and airy, with a view of the courtyard through 16-foot glass panel pocket doors which fully regress into the wall, sight unseen; allowing guests to enjoy indoor/outdoor living at its best. Dining room, living room and a billiards corner are all common areas to be enjoyed by the Salisbury guests. The living room is peaceful for conversing, reading, relaxing, with three sofas set around a very large table. In following with Salisbury eco-friendly tradition, the table was crafted from the pine trees milled off the property. Many of the other pieces of furniture throughout the house were imported from the south of France, Belgium, while other pieces are antiques brought with the owners from their NY home. An eclectic ensemble, combine modern with classic, giving the space a feeling of overall comfort. 

Last but not least; upon special request, a tour of the five by twenty feet wine cellar, holding 800 bottles of wine is available. The cellar displays the history of their son Zack, during his vintner-ship at Conti di San Bonifacio, Gavorrano, Tuscany, Italy. A talent and skill which will eventually lead to the Salisbury’s own house vineyard. Save for your future visits.

We will be talking for months about your incredible home and gardens and vegan breakfast but most of all your warm hospitality. You are a gem and I am fortunate to have met you at the garden center. Our family gathering just sparkled as we sat around your table and feasted on the food we never dreamed can taste so delicious! Your loving spirit just radiated in everything you and do and say. My words barley express my granitite to you for creating such a vibrant lasting memory.

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