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The Salisbury’s . . .
Originating from upstate Warwick, NY, known for the area’s abundance for artists and historians, Robin and Michele Salisbury blossomed a love for both. While developing a history based newspaper, creating a historian book of the area, they raised three sons, and fully restored their 1780’s farm house. All accountable feats each on their own, this couple forged through it all, with the ease of naturalism. 

Besides the influence of these self-motivated hobbies, Robin Salisbury has been a self-employed contractor since the late 1980s, therefore renovating and building is second nature to him. Michele is a Registered Nurse and has been vegan since 2008. 

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The couple moved to Bethany Beach in 2010, where Michele opened a wellness spa. The spa was a way of meeting like-minded individuals and making new friends. Michele Salisbury was awarded Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year, 2011. Even though she has been experimenting with vegan ingredients for over 10 years, she is always learning fresh new cooking methods, and is now taking Chef courses for Vegan Fusion Cooking, a skill Michele has nurtured for many years. Family, friends and neighbors testify eagerly awarding Michele their top cook choice for any special gathering or event. Never to be a disappointment with Michele in the lead of fine fare.

Robin and Michele enjoy traveling, and as young parents with little ones, packed their three sons into their minivan and went cross-country camping for one month. As a family they have been to 38 states, the Caribbean, Canada and Central America. As a couple they have flown abroad to visit Italy, Croatia, Malta, Montenegro. Michele has enjoyed girl’s trips to Ireland, Prague and Paris. While the Salisbury’s relish in travel, their hearts lie most in meeting new people. Opening Salisbury House Bed & Breakfast is another perfect avenue to quench that thirst. Michele has envisioned opening a B&B for many years and that opportunity came when they built their dream house. And so . . . they bring you Salisbury House at Bethany Beach. 
Welcome Home!

One of my fondest memories are life experiences shared with Michele and Robin, while residing in upstate New York. Our children shaking jars of homemade “butter in the making” for Michele. We were introduced to a natural lifestyle, and many foods we would on the other hand, most likely not have discovered. I experienced local history, an introduction to fine wines, amazing homemade fare, and the welcoming hearts and friendship of two people I passionately admire. It was not only an honor but a big deal when Michele asked if I would write the content for Salisbury House at Bethany Beach. Not a soul could explain this dream of Michele’s more than an old friend. Throughout our professional and personal friendship my one steadfast experience with Michele – she does everything with sincerity, passion, truth, and perfection. No doubt, each and every guest in Salisbury House at Bethany Beach will be an unforgettable experience and memory.

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